This page is dedicated to one of the three seperate Townshend branches that have ended up in South Africa. These Townshends appear to be the most prominent of the South African branches and feature extensively in the newspaper, printing and journalism industry in South Africa. The author of this website is does not descend from this branch but descends from a small branch of South African Townshends originating from the PEI Townshends.

Information from Paula Townshend -

    Francis Townshend (???? - ????) was a railway Station Master at hamsey, Sussex. He married in 1832 and had issue:
      Walter Waters Townshend (1834 - ????) married Sarah Burton in 1858, Parish Church, Brighton, Sussex. Apprenticed to printer at Lewes 1848. Emmigrated to South Africa in 1882. Had issue:
        Arthur Walter Townshend (1859 - 1935) was Mayor of Cape Town in 1900. Senior partner of "Taylor, Townshend & Snatchell" (printers), He married firstly to Bertha Gunning and secondly to Mary "Polly" Ingleslay. Had Issue
          Dudley Townshend married Joyce Fear and had issue:
            Raymond Townshend
            Patrick Townshend
        Ellen Sarah Townshend (1860 - 1865)
        Alice Mary (1862 - 1929) married Edwin (Ted) Martin Suter. Most of family living in Gwelo (Gweru), Zimbabwe.
        Frank Townshend (1863 - 1944) Edited newspaper at Walch, NSW. He married Maud Elizabeth Gates in 1893 and had issue:
          Doris Burton Townshend (1894 - ????) married firstly Herbert Nelson and secondly to Harald Bowden and had issue.
          Hazel Waters Townshend (1896 - ????) marries Walter Montague Townshend, her cousin. (SEE BELOW)
          Phyllis Ethelbert Townshend married Cecil Rupert Moore and had issue.
          Frank Langley Redvers Townshend married firstly to Jean Mellefort and had issue. Married secondly to Edna Spence.
            Jill Adele Townshend married William James Sutton
          Arthur Bownan Inglesby Townshend married firstly Rita Eliza Thatcher (with issue) and secondly to Vera Till
            Aline Ruth Townshend married Maxwell Gregory and had issue.
            Rae Townshend married Alan Gestier and had issue.
          Bonnie Jessie Townshend (1910 - ????)
        George Burton Townshend (1864 - 1946) married Emma Selina Drake and had issue:
          Nellie Elizabeth Townshend
          Frank Townshend died young
          Ruth Townshend died young
          Walter Montague Townshend marries Hazel Waters Townshend, his cousin and has issue.
            Marjorie Zel Townshend (1920 - 1946) married David Albiston
            Frank Walter George Townshend (1921 - 1969) married Nora Ann and had issue:
              Michael Anthony Townshend
              Jeremy John Townshend (1965 - ) married Angela Maree in 1992 and have two sons
                James Aidan Townshend (1995)
                Lachlan John Townshend (1998)
              Patricia Ann Townshend (1968 - ) married Peter Berry in 1985 and had issue
            Deidre Townshend married in 1949 to William John Surridge, had issue
            Valerie Phyllis Townshend married John Burton Edwards and had issue.
          Bertha Veronica Townshend marries Simon Kloppers and has issue.
          Stella Townshend marries Robert Lyle and has issue.
          Laura Alfreda Townshend marries Geradus Cornelius Cruywagen and has issue.
          Buller Townshend marries Maria Vos
          Constance Townshend marries Reiner Blanckenberg and has issue.
        Philip Townshend (1866 - 1951) born in Uckfield, Sussex. Married Mary McKenzie Ferguson (???? - 1949) who died at age 73. They had issue.
          Annabel Pretoria Townshend (1899 - 1922) Born in Vryberg.
          Joseph Burton Townshend (1901 - 1985) married in 1951 to Isabella (Babs) Ingeborg Anstensen and had issue:
            Sara Grace Townshend (1955)
            Nathan Johan Townshend (1956)
          Alice Maud Grace Townshend (1903 - 1955) marries Archibald Coventry
          Henry Robin Hood Townshend (1905) marries Winnie Evans and has issue
            Jonothan Townshend (1932 - 1982) marries Phyllis de Kock. Was a printer.
            Ruth Townshend (1933) marries Ken Morley and has issue.
            Charles Philip Townshend (1937) marries Pat Brady and has issue. Living in Canada
              Hazel Townshend marries Randy Bell
              Mark Townshend
              Ivan Townshend marries Natalie Balay
              Alison Townshend
            Robin George Townshend marries Edwina Watt and has issue:
              Russel Townshend
              David Townshend
              Deborah Townshend
              Melody Townshend
            Thomas David Townshend (1911) marries Zuradah Elsie Sutherland. Now living in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Has issue
              Harold Frank Townshend (1937) marries Elaine Marguerite and has issue:
                Simon Neville Thomas Townshend (1964)
                Guinevere Zuradah Helene (1967)
                Philip Harold Tristram Townshend (1968)
              Zuradah Mariad Townshend (1940) marries Thomas Patrick Davis and has issue. Now living in Queensland, Australia.
              David Graham Townshend (1948) marries Patricia Olwyn Farmer and has issue
                David Robert Townshend (1982)
              Mathew Richard (1951 - 1979)
            Frank George Philip Townshend (1910 - 1935)
            Phebe Emily Townshend (1913 - 1986) marries in 1939 to Thomas Leeman and has issue.
            Mary Madelaine (Polly) Townshend(1914 - 1939)
            Arthur Benjamin Townshend (1915 - 1989) marries in 1944 to Ruth Watt in Pretoria, South Africa. They have issue:
              Brian Peter Townshend (1945) marries Jean Walker in 1966 in Dunedin, New Zealand and has issue:
                Marion Townshend (1967)
                Heather Townshend
                Richard Townshend
                Valerie Townshend
                Lincoln Townshend
                possible 6th child
              Rhoda Elizabeth Townshend marries Robin Nunnerley in 1976 in Redditch, UK and has issue.
              Andrew David Townshend marries Katherine Wilkinson in 1976 in Dunedin, New Zealand and has issue:
                Stephen Townshend (1984)
                Philip Townshend (1986)
              Annabel Ruth Townshend (1954) marries Bruce Ginn in 1984 in Sydney, Australia and has issue.
              Paula Townshend (1961)
              Thomas Townshend (1961)
              marries Frances Oats in 1990 and has issue:
                Jared Townshend
                Seth Townshend (1991)
                Kezia Townshend (1993)
                Ethan Townshend (1997)
            Jesse (Jack) Barrett Townshend (1918) marries Daphne Strachan and has issue:
              Peter Douglas Townshend marries Joanne Marlene McCulloch and has issue:
                Stuart William Townshend (1976)
                Robert Douglas Townshend (1979)
                Claire Townshend (1982)
                Loren Townshend (1984??)
              Anthony Townshend marries Irene Day and has issue:
                Adam?? Townshend (1984??)
            Margaret Rhoda Townshend (1919 - 1919)
        Jessie Maria Townshend (1869 - 1958) marries Joseph Barrett. Widowed young - ran a stationary/bookshop and brought up children on her own. Her son, Philip, was the founder of PN Advertising group in South Africa.