Sir Robert Townshend
died 1556/57
"of Mergate Hall, Norfolk"

He was buried in the high chancel of Ludlow Parish Church in an alter tomb. On the top of the tomb, which still exists in excellent condition, are the full length recumbent figures of the old knight in full armour, and his lady dressed in the costume of the day, while figures of the children surround the tomb. Over the monument is a beautiful gothic arch and the family crest, and beneath the gothic window is the inscription:

"Here lyeth the body of Sir Robert Townshend, Knight, Chief Justice of the Council in the Marches of Wales and Chester, and Dame Alice his wife, daughter and one of their heirs of Robert Poppy, Esquire, who had between them twelve children, six sons and six daughters lawfully begotten."

On the panelling of the monument are the names of the children, the names of Thomas, Robert, Isaac and Henry being still visible.