Also known as Summer Castle
Located 7½ miles north of Lincoln, Lincolnshire

by Derek Wray Townshend

Strictly speaking Fillingham Castle is not a castle. It should rather be classified as a neo-gothic stately home. It was built by Sir Cecil Wray around 1760. The gateway with its attached lodges and wall is a former entrance to Fillingham Castle. It was built in 1775 of limestone ashlar and was possibly designed by John Carr. This building commands views of Fillingham Castle across a landscaped park.


Hon. William Townshend's eldest son was raised by Sir Cecil Wray (13th baronet). William named his first son Cecil Wray Townshend (b.1791). The Wray name has since been used for many generations in this line of Townshends. It is assumed that Cecil Wray Townshend was raised by Sir Cecil Wray at Fillingham Castle becasue he stood to inherit it from Sir Cecil Wray (at one time). Unfortunately an argument between Lady Wray (nee Esther Summers) and Hon William Townshend's wife caused William to take back his son.

From the naming of William's sons and daughters it is apparent that Sir Cecil Wray probably also played a larger role in William's own upbringing than his father, Richard Townshend did. The fact that other branches of William's children also used the name "Cecil Wray Townshend" substantiates this idea because it indicates that the honouring of Sir Cecil Wray was due to more than simply his raising of William's eldest son.