Was the eldest son of Hon. William Townshend and Flora Stewart (of the PEI Townshends). In his in his early years, Cecil Wray Townshend was raised by Sir Cecil Wray (13 bt.) and at one time stood to inherit Fillingham Castle. However, an argument between William and Lady Wray ended this fortune. The frequency and use of the name "Cecil Wray Townshend" even in other branches of the family suggests that Sir Cecil Wray's influence was more than just raising this Cecil Wray Townshend. It is speculated that Sir Cecil Wray was also involved with the raising of Hon William Townshend possibly because William's father, Richard might have died young.

Hon Cecil Wray Townshend achieved a considerable reputation throughout his life.

There is some debate regarding the title of "Hon.". It is speculated that he was involved with the law or politics in England. There are three independant sources that refer to him as "Hon. Cecil Wray Townshend". The most official is the death notice of Samuel RounthwaiteTownshend in Prince Edward Island, refering to him as the youngest son of "Hon. Cecil Wray Townshend". Letters from one of S.R Townshend's daughters also refers to there grandfather as such. Also, an independant correspondence from descendants of Catherine (Townshend) Wilson also refers to their comman ancestor as "Hon. Cecil Wray Townshend".

Hon. Cecil Wray Townshend had three consecutive wives and had children from all three. The children from his first two wives were born and lived in Canada. The children from his third wife, Catherine Killey, were all born in England.

Cecil Wray Townshend (1791 - 1870),
was the eldest son of Hon William Townshend
and a grandson of Richard Townshend of Wexham/Wrexham

He was an uncle cousin to Hon Sir Charles James Townshend.
He was brother of John Dalton Townshend (1800-1873).
His youngest brother was Canon Rev. George Townshend (1810-1895)

In 1815 he married Sarah Helen Coady (1792 - 1819).
and had 2 children, all born in Canada.
She died the day after her 2nd child was born.
  • Sibella Townshend (1869 - 1950)
  • William Townshend (1819 - 1908)
Cecil Wray Townshend then married Eliza Lea (1798 - 1824).
and had 3 children, all born in Canada.
  • Cecil Wray Townshend (1821 - 1821 died very young)
  • Elizabeth Frances Townshend (1822 - bef.1896)
  • Ann Townshend (1824-????)
Cecil Wray Townshend then married Catherine Killey (1799 - 1878).
and had 5 children, all born in England.
  • Flora Townshend (???? - ???? old enough to marry)
  • Charles Townshend (???? - aft.1873)
  • Catherine Townshend (????-???? lived past 84)
  • John (???? - ????)
  • Samuel Rounthewaite Townshend (1841 - 1896)