Blueprint for Managing Sales Force
10 Commandments for Sales Managers

1.         Maintain and consistently communicate a clear and inspiring vision that is greater than money.    

            Money is a hygiene factor, monetary consequence-of-failure doesn't work for all sales people.  Focus also on company values, e.g. exceeding the client's expectations, building a world class team, etc.  

Communicate current corporate and team strategies, challenges.  Eliminate old baggage. 

Sales consultants also look for meaning - thus important to show them the meaning in what they sell.

2.         Support, support, support.  If a sales person needs something, get it for them.  They're paying your salary after all.  Next to the client the sales force represents the most important people - let everybody know and insist that everybody behaves accordingly.  Eliminate bottlenecks and solve problems quickly while keeping the sales force appropriately informed.

 3.         Offer how-to guidelines, but don't prescribe (if it ain't broke don't fix it)

4.         Glorify and reward both production and behaviour.  Consistently, openly, enthusiastically, in both monetary and no-monetary terms.  Validate their sense of self, their sense of being on track. 

5.        Maintain non-negotiable standards (apply consequence of failure here)

6.         Keep them 100% informed (give them ammunition)

7.         Openly discuss problem / interesting cases / objections. Require that, during the weekly meeting, each person relates one of the above. This is then discussed and commented on by "the table"

8.         Encourage co-operation amongst colleagues, competition against own performance

9.         Maintain as stable an environment as possible, while consistently evaluating if you have the  
            right sales people, product, clients.

10.       Hands-on management: