She taught at FUBA School and established the ‘School of Seeing’ for personalized Art Courses.



One of her primary fields of art is portraiture.



Monika von Moltke obtained a Fine Arts degree in Johannesburg and a prize at the Summer Academy in Austria under Oscar Kokoscha.

She has held many SOLO EXHIBITIONS and participated in GROUP EXHIBITIONS::



"Transpersonal Art” the paintings of Monika von Moltke

By Len Holdstock, Professor School of Psychology, University of the Witwatersrand


Reviews and Quotes:


This book takes art out of the realm of the pure aesthetic and explores it within the perspective of psychology and science


It is as much a challenge for the artist as it is for the scientist to unfold the enfolded pattern of the universe


Holdstock argues that her art can be approached best from a transpersonal perspective which holds that "there is an essential unity underlying the diversity of humanity and the material world"


Apart from the metamorphosis of an evolutionary nature that characterises von Moltkes art, the author points out that it is also the nature of personal transformation in her work, which gives her paintings so much meaning and such a unique philosophical undertone.


"All objects are merely patterns in an inseparable cosmic process"


Her paintings call attention to the invisible, but powerful unifying principle underlying the world of animals, humans, plants and inanimate matter


Von Moltkes paintings are replete with symbols of the Self---the moon, stones, birds, fishes, animals and flowers.


Her work integrates the perspectives of archetypal psychology with the soul of Africa


A Directory of South African Art, Volume I. Painting, 1997/1998.



I was born in Germany and immigrated to South Africa as a young girl. I married and have 3 children.

The Artist

I obtained a Fine Arts Degree at the Johannesburg College of Arts and furthered my studies under numerous artists. I also attended the Summer Academy in Salzburg (Austria) under Oskar Kokoschka, where I won a price.

I exhibited widely in Germany and Southern Africa.

One of my primary fields of art is portraiture. I was twice commissioned to paint the "Star Woman of the Year". I painted portraits also in Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

My roots are in Europe, my emotional growth happened in Africa. The land and its people have been my inspiration. The book by Prof. Len Holdstock bears witness to that: "TRANSPERSONAL ART, the paintings of Monika von Moltke" published in Johannesburg. Also my path as a woman has been symbolised in my art. I believe that the nonverbal communication can be a powerful tool for changing South Africa

The Educator

Whilst living for a few years in Hamburg I taught Art at a High School.

After returning to Johannesburg I became involved with FUBA [Federated Union of Black Arts).I taught graphics and painting for some six years and was active as a member of the FUBA art gallery committee.

I established the "School of Seeing" with Maggie Dunbar. Our courses focus on the inherent creativity in every human being. The creativity which can be expanded by tapping our right side of the brain, our intuitive and feminine side.

Monika von Moltke 20.06.1996


ADDRESS: P.O.Box 67759, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2021.