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In this section we modify the patterns according to your unique measurements.
These patterns are also known as Make-To-Measure (MTM) patterns

Please take your measurements carefully according to the figures provided in the order form at the end of this page.


Featured Patterns: | Jackets |


Featured Patterns: | Jackets |



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Custom Pattern: Price List

Style Style Code Price
9J002 Unlined R80.00
9J002 Lined R90.00
9D001 Lined R85.00
9S001 Lined R70.00
9P001 R85.00
Additional: Long sleeves / Short sleeves R30.00

Custom Pattern: Order Form

How to take Measurements

| How to Measure |
Featured Patterns:

All measurements must be taken against the skin without making provision for extra space.

Your measurement information

To prevent confusion, please supply all measurements below.
1 Bust
2 Waist
3 High Hip - 10 cm below waist
4 Hip - 17.6 cm below waist
5 Lower Hip - 28 cm below waist
6 Back Length (cervical to waist)
7 Upper Arm Girth
8 Sleeve Length
9 Outer Leg (waist to floor)
10 Inner Leg (crotch to floor)
11 Crotch Length (middle front to middle back)
12 Hem Width (ankel) (as preferred by client)
13 Skirt Length (waist to where hem is preferred)
14 Dress Length (waist to where hem is preferred)
15 Pants Length (waist to where hem is preferred)
Additional comments:

NO responsibility will be accepted for clothes that do not fit properly due to:
  • Incorrect or changed measurements.
  • Use of unfit or inferior materials.
  • Poor workmanship.

Select the patterns you want to order:

Style Code: Sleeves: Additional: Mat. Width: Price:
Item 1: Short sleeves
Long sleeves
115 cm
150 cm
Item 2: Short sleeves
Long sleeves
115 cm
150 cm
Item 3: Short sleeves
Long sleeves
115 cm
150 cm
Item 4: Short sleeves
Long sleeves
115 cm
150 cm
Item 5: Short sleeves
Long sleeves
115 cm
150 cm

Each pattern comes complete with its own instruction booklet.

Your details

Telephone number:
E-mail address:
Postal address:
Town / City:
State / Province:
Postal code:

We make use of Speed Services' overnight service.
1-3 patterns - R20
3-6 patterns - R35
More than 6 patterns will be calculated according to weight
These prices are valid for any destination in South Africa.
If you are located outside South Africa, please contact us for updated postage tariffs.
  • We only accept direct bank deposits.
  • Deposit the amount due - Total + Postage fees - in our bank account.
  • Confirm the deposit by faxing the deposit slip.

Orders will be processed only after receiving confirmation of payment.

Bank Details:
Account name: LEGONDA
Account number: 4565 4640 5034 0014
Branch name: ABSA Bank Pretoria North
Branch number: 632005

Fax: +27(0)12-565-4678
Please ensure that you have filled out the entire form and that the information is correct.

Thank you for your interest in our products.
You should recieve your order within 2 to 3 weeks after confirmation of payment.

The illustrations of patterns you just saw are only a few examples from our collection. Please contact us for information about other patterns.

Visit our site from time to time for new patterns.

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Fax number: +27(0)12-565-4678
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