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Ash   Ash

Ch (Sing) Misanga JP Grape (Japan)

Ch (Jap) Merry Shell JP YT Cosmonaut

HubsvillenJJ Fragrance of Lavender
at Foxfire (Imp Sing)

Ch (Jap) Misanga JP Snow Leef

Ch (Sing) Chocolate Disco of Noted Work (Japan)

Ch (Jap/Aust) Utopialand Black Power

Ch (Jap/Aust) Magical Queen JP Arrow Bamboo Rose


Foxfire Aromatic Elexir


BPIS Ch (SA) Foxfire Chivazz Regal

BIS BISS Ch (SA) Alcinta's Major League of Klondyk (Imp USA)

Foxfire Pirouette

Ch (SA) Foxfire Zandalee of Klondyk

Foxfire Let's Dance

MBISS BIS Ch (USA,SA) Grand Ch (Phill) Sibex Stand n Deliver-Foxfire (Imp USA)

Ch (SA,USA) Foxfire Rain Dancer

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