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Aramis Aramis

Ch (Jap)
Merry Shell JP YT Cosmonaut

King Generous JP Top Gun

Ch (Sing)
Misanga JP Grape (Japan)

Merry Shell JP A Happy Walker

Ch (Jap) Misanga JP Snow Leef

Ch (USA) Badgerden's Conundrum

King Generous JP Leef Wave


BPIS HubsvillenJJ Fragrance of Lavender at Foxfire (Imp Sing)


Ch (Jap/Aust) Utopialand Black Power

Ch (Aust/USA) Kristari's Playin to Win

Ch (Sing)
Chocolate Disco of Noted Work (Japan)

Ch (Aust) Krystari's Eternal Flame

Ch (Jap/Aust)
Magical Queen JP Arrow Bamboo Rose

Ch Bisty JP Arrow Bamboo Vogue

Ch Magical Queen JP My Fair Lady

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